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What is ineed?

Society must have access to a more efficient voluntary sector to provide for itself. The voluntary sector must have a more efficient platform to "sell" its services and become more self-sufficient. Local councils need to know there are a full range of services available to their community that are driven by the voluntary and charitable sector. Central government needs to know that the voluntary sector is working efficiently and that it covers the requirements for the society needs.

There are countless levels of "need" and these needs can be poles apart. The website offers easy local access to ACTIVE groups in any location, from those in need of food, shelter or protection to those in need of a local cricket club or self-help group.

Ineed therefore is an interactive social media website that operates as a platform for the voluntary sector and people who need the voluntary sector, it showcases the VCS to people who do not know or understand the value and necessity it brings to communities and helps to allow them access to better opportunities to services or to volunteering that will help nurture the groups and the individuals involved within them.

Mission Statement

"To strengthen and grow the UK's voluntary and charitable sectors through improved understanding, awareness, access and cohesion."

How it all began

In 2011 three volunteers working together for a local Ashfield Voluntary Group discussed the opportunities for a social media website dedicated to the voluntary sector nationwide. They had seen how funds for projects were exhausted by seeking volunteers, chasing funding opportunities, not using assets to their fullest potential an unconversant with what other groups were doing in their area.

They revealed that the Voluntary and Charitable Sector (VCS) is complex, under-funded, and in many areas, obscured to those in need.

Ineed Networking Together was formed as a not for profit project and is therefore entirely free for both voluntary groups and the public. Voluntary Groups are being added on a regular basis and we are continuing to seek individuals and corporate organisations to help raise the profile of the website and make a significant contribution to the sector through time and ambition. The aim of the website is to assist the voluntary and charitable sector to reach out and provide for the public, with a platform exhibiting every facet of their imperative and fundamental services which make a difference to communities and our society as one.