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Funding overview

There are many ways in which groups, organisations, clubs and services raise funds to start, maintain and complete community projects. Service costs, service delivery, fund raising events and in most cases applying for funding are amongst the various methods to gain funds. There are many constraints that restrict funding availability, and it is important that the task of applying for funding is simple and effective. ineed aims to provide a portal which allows continuous montoring and advertisment of funding from multiple sources and allow them to easily reward this funding to groups which match the criteria. The portal consists of having a members' Document Centre, an Available Funds Centre and a Funder's Portal.

Document Centre

ineed members have access to the document centre where it is possible to upload vital documents, common throughout all funding applications, to our filing system. These documents and basic group information can be sent through to a funder at the click of a button, at your request, when funding opportunities become available to you through ineeds Available Funds Centre. This relieves the ardous task of locating and sending your own documentation through to funders by post or alternative methods each time you wish to apply for funding.

Regular notifications on the status of your documents in the Document Centre will be pushed through to your members page ensuring that up to date documentation is always present and available.

Available Funds Centre

In the Available Funds Centre there is an overview of any available funds relevant to your group, application deadlines and the opportunity to add any additional information required by the funders regarding a specific fund. Here you can apply for opportunities using our 'Apply Now' and you can receive status updates and acknowledgements from the funders directly.

Project Centre

An organisation who is looking for funding for specific projects can log their projects along with a description in the project centre. These projects can be sent with a funding application through our available funds centre and the 'Apply Now' button.

Funder's Portal

Any organisation who is providing funding to the voluntary sector will have access to our funding portal. Funders can be organisation members of ineed or corporate sponsors targeting specific areas of the sector. Here they will be able to offer funds and be automatically informed of how many groups are elgiible for the funds. A funder can use this facility to quickly and easily distribute funds to eligible, active and deserving organisations.