The Voluntary Sector

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Individual in need

To an individual in need The Voluntary Sector comprises of many different clubs, organisations and services to improve social wellbeing and status along with mental and physical health. The Voluntary Sector provides many opportunities to prevent, address and remedy issues no matter how big or small. The Voluntary Sector is friendly, financial responsible in service delivery, and consists of groups and individuals that comply with all necessary regulation, PCVA(Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults), DBS(Disclosure and Barring Service) Checks (Previously CRB) are some of the most common and relevant of these regulations.

The Voluntary Sector is vast and versatile, and is accessible to all individuals directly through ineed.


As a volunteer the voluntary sector provides a pethora of opportunities, through Full-Time Placements, Part-Time Help, Skills Donation, Events Marshalling and more... On ineed the groups can advertise opportunities and individuals can search through these opportunities and quickly register as a volunteer in their area, with a skill set and basic details so they may be contacted by organisations.

Voluntary and Community Organisations (VCO's)

As a VCO you are part of The Voluntary Sector no matter what your aims, income, size, member origin, situation or social status. If you have a group of people (usually 2 or more) with a common aim in the community you are part of The Voluntary Sector also known as the Third Sector. On ineed we encourage all VCO's no matter how big or small to join ineed and see the benefits of being a member.

Centre For Voluntary Services (CVS's)

As a CVS The Voluntary Sector in your area is what you help and oversee on a daily basis, providing support on delivering third sector policies and ensuring standard regulations are met for the organisations that comprise your membership or area. As a CVS organisation, ineed provides you with a few additional extras, including an area overview and notifications when groups that you may not be aware of join your area.